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      She put out her hand to him impulsively, and he took it, held it for a moment in his firm grasp, then bent over and kissed it.

      [171]I beg your pardon, said Varley, after a moment.

      "Ho-o-oh! if I were worthy to advise you it wouldn't flatter me so to be asked."

      Does it look as if there was anything I could possibly want that isnt here? she asked. There is everything. Is it time to go down yet? I dont feel as if I could ever leave these beautiful rooms and that view.

      "Ladies don't make occasions, Lieutenant."

      I dont know anything, she said, and I couldnt tell you if I did. Thems my orders, and Ive got to obey them."Now?" whispered the other, "how can that be?" though she knew. "Ah, if I could steal now your heart al-so! But I've stolen, I fear, only--your--confidenze!" Between the words she loosed one hand, stooped and lifted the flower. Each tried to press it to the other's bosom, but it was Anna who yielded.


      And so you come to me because there is no one else? Lilias would say, with affected indignation.


      Either you are a devil of deceit, or youyou have been wronged! she gasped. Esmeralda is not here; wenone of us know where she is; but we believe that she is with you!