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      Whatwhat is that you say, Esmeralda? he asked, almost inaudibly.He turned abruptly, and skirted the hill on his way to the gardens of the Villa Borghese, where he found shade and seclusion in the early afternoon. The carriages of fashionable Rome had not yet begun to drive in at the gate. The cypress avenues, the groves of immemorial ilex, the verdant lawns where the fountains leapt sunward, were peopled only by creatures of fable, fixed in marble, faun and dryad, hero and god. Martin Disney plunged into the shadow of one of those funereal avenues, andwhile the sun blazed in almost tropical splendour upon the open lawn in the far distancehe walked as it were in the deep of night, a night whose gloom harmonized with that darker night in his despairing heart.

      I thought so, she said, thoughtfully. What is your name?

      Varley nodded again.Lady Ada looked at her in astonishment.

      What is she like? Oh, shes fair, with a lot of yellow hair like spun silk; and shes tall. Its difficult to describe her. Trafford once said that she was a daughter of the gods. I dont know what he meant, excepting that she was very graceful, and stately, and all that.

      Trafford, something has happened! Wherewhere is Esmeralda? she exclaimed; and there was a note of demand in her voice as if he were responsible for Esmeralda, as if he were answerable for her absence.