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      Cheered for the Fourth of July;

      "No; I've got the right to a first shot," said Jim. "You fellers hold off."

      "'Tention!" commanded Si. "Fall in single rank 'cordin' to your size. Tall boys on the right, short ones on the left, medium in the center. Gid Mackall, you're the tallest. You can go there to the corner o' the platform and let the others form on you."as the hymn says. Here, take these chickens in one hand and this pistol in the other, and guard 'em while I go down to the branch and wash and git some water. Then I'll cook your breakfast."

      "Captain, Co. Q, 200th Ind. Inf. Vols."

      "Yes, I'll swear it before a Justice ov the Peace."



      Presently he heard some rustling over to his right and caught the low murmur of a voice. He cautiously made his way in that direction until he made an opening, with a number of men sitting on a log, while others were standing, leaning on their guns.


      "O, Jeminy, what difference does hit make? I never kin recollect hit, an' what's the use o' tryin'? Can't see no sense in holdin' a gun straight up an' down that-a-way, anyway, an' if yo' do, hain't one side jest as good as t'other?""Good-by, Annabel," he said, pressing her hand again. "I'll write to you first thing when I git back."