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      Yes; youre always one too many for us, said the man, resignedly. But therell be the devil to pay when Simon comes back.

      Ive really told you all now, Varley, she said in a whisper. Ive left him; Im no longer the Marchioness of Trafford. Why, I am a duchess! The old dukehe was[283] very good to me, Varley, and I loved him!her eyes filled with tears, and she sighedhe died the night I ran away, and never knew, thank God!

      "Home again, home again from a foreign shore,"

      "Yes," replied Anna, "she knows already."

      "The Yankee fleet! It's coming in!"


      I will make it up to you, Trafford, she whispered in so low a voice that, but for the movement of her lips, he might have fancied that she had not spoken.


      From Anna's side came such stories as that of a flag presentation to the Sumter, wherein she had taken some minor part; of seeing that slim terror glide down by Callender House for a safe escape through the blockading fleet to the high seas and a world-wide fame; of Flora's towboat privateer sending in one large but empty prize whose sale did not pay expenses, and then being itself captured by the blockaders; of "Hamlet" given by amateurs at the St. Charles Theatre; of great distress among the poor, all sorts of gayeties for their benefit, bad money, bad management, a grand concert for the army in Arkansas, women in mourning as numerous as men in uniform, and both men and women breaking down in body and mind under the universal strain.Other remains of masonry may be seen in the holes in the earth made to collect rain-water. More than twenty of these ancient wells can be counted in this region, for though the Attic country was richly dowered in many respects, it lacked water, and it was not without cause that Solons law afterwards prohibited any one from borrowing of a neighbor more than a certain quantity. The inhabitants of Kranaai had located their wells so skilfully that even nowafter the lapse of more than thirty centuriesmany of them collect and keep the rain.


      When his Captain had followed, Flora, standing and smiling, drew from her bosom a small, well-filled jewel-bag, balanced it on her uplifted palm and, rising to her toes, sang, "At last, at last, grace au ciel, money is easy!"