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      Really? But I suppose not. Well, you must have some lessons at once. Thank goodness, you will soon learnone can see that. She looked at the graceful figure thoughtfully. Not that it really matters whether you dance or not. In fact, there is something original in your being unable to do so; it is all in character. And now let us go into my room and talk over the campaign. Let me see, she said, sinking back on her favorite couch, and regarding Esmeralda between half-closed lids, there is a small and early at Lady Blankyres to-morrow night. That will be just the thing, I thinknot too large, and yet all the bestthe very bestpeople. And Lady Blankyre is a very dear friend of mine, and will understand. If it should prove a successbut of course it willshe nodded encouraginglywe can launch out. So much depends upon the start! If we get a really good start, the newspaper men will take up the running for us, and the rest is easy.Disney lifted his wife into the landau, Father Rodwell helping him, full of sympathy.

      One thing they did not know, however, Mrs. Baynham having been discreetly silent on the subject. They did not know that they were to meet the Glenaveril family in full force, the doctor's wife being of opinion that a friendly dinner-party was the panacea for all parish quarrels and small antagonisms, and that by judiciously bringing the Crowthers and the Disneys together at a well-spread board, and in the genial atmosphere of her unspacious drawing-room, she could bring about an end of the feud, or tacit coldness, which had divided the Angler's Nest and Glenaveril since Colonel Disney's home-coming. It was a disappointment to this worthy woman to see Vansittart Crowther, when Colonel and Mrs. Disney were announced, start and glare as if a mad dog had been brought into the room; but she was relieved at seeing the easy nod which the colonel bestowed upon his vanquished foe, and the friendly hand which good Mrs. Crowther held out to Isola, who paled and blushed, and all but wept at meeting with that cordial matron.Mr. Crowther had a penchant for scraps of French, which decorated his speech as truffles adorn a boned turkey.

      "Tabitha gets fidgety if I am out after dusk."

      He laughed apologetically.

      Oh! Im all right, said Norman; roughing it suits me, and Ive had a very good time of it, take it all together. His face clouded for a moment, for he was thinking of Three Star and the girl he had met there.



      "Yes, this is Rome," cried Allegra. "Isn't it lovely? Isn't it all you ever dreamt of or hoped for? And yet people have so maligned itcalled it feverish, stuffy, disappointing, dirty! Why, the air is etherinspiring, health-giving! April in Rome is as fresh as April in an English forest; only it is April with the warmth and flowers of June. I feel sure you will grow ever so much stronger after one little week in Rome."


      Mr. Hazelrigg came into the room beaming, looked at his wife and smiled, as he held out his hand to Colonel Disney, looked at his sister-in-law and smiled again, and held out his hand to her, the smile broadening a little, as if with really affectionate interest.