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      Trafford looked at him gravely.Mr. Pinchook has come to tell us all about you, he said. To put it shortly, Ralda, he is your grandfathers lawyer.

      He had been attentive and polite to her, offering her the papers, ordering tea for her at Exeter, doing all that a courteous husband ought to do; but he had made no attempt at conversationnor had she. This question about the book was wrung from him by the intensity of his irritation.I dont knowand I dont care! said Esmeralda, with fine indifference. May I have some more pudding?

      "But surely you'll stop and dine; it's close upon eight," remonstrated Hazelrigg, who was the essence of hospitality. "You can send on your luggage, and go to your hotel later."

      "Not to-night, Tabbie," she said; and Tabitha saw in this refusal only the coquetry of a lovely woman, who wanted to show the great ladies and squire's wives how poor and common diamonds are by the side of youth and beauty."That would be very short work. We leave in a fortnight. The weather will be growing too hot for you if we linger later."

      And you, of course? said Trafford.She said nothing, but moved forward, and with a leap of the heart he walked by her side. They went down to the edge of the river in silence. Esmeralda seated herself upon a bowlder bleached white by the sun, and he dropped unobtrusively at her feet.

      Let it alone, he said again. You mean well, and I am not ungrateful; but you make my task harder instead of easier. You make me feel ashamed. Will you dance with me?

      For more than a week after the birth of her baby Isola's condition had satisfied the trained nurse and the kindly doctor. She was very white and weak, and she showed less interest in her baby than most young mothersa fact which Mr. Baynham ascribed to over-education.


      Let us be plain with each other, Traff, he said. It is what no other members of the family are. The House of Belfayre is on the brink of ruin. Your father is in his dotage, and does not recognize the fact; in fact, has forgotten it. But you and I know it. Now, the question is, whether we shall bow to Fate, and consent to sink into the mud, or make an effort to extricate ourselves. Personally, the question does[85] not affect me. I am a bachelor, and have enough for my few and simple wants. But with you, dear boy, it is different. You are the next duke, the head of the family. With you it is a duty and tradition to keep up the old name, the old position.


      "I don't think he knows himself, ma'am. It'll depend[Pg 146] upon the weather most likely. If we get a fair wind we may be off to the Lizard at an hour's notice, and away up north to the Hebrides."


      "Did I? Yes, I remembera little Tauchnitz volume bound in moroccocontraband in England. A cheatlike many things in this life."