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      "A nice guy?" he said. "I wouldn't know, Miss Forzane."The boys looked at him in amazement, that he should jest at such a momentous time.

      Peter had run off and shed hurd hed joined the 200th Indiana

      "Hain't got none. Lost mine weeks ago, while we was on the Tullahomy march."Dr. Haenlingen looked up at her, the eyes ice-cold and direct. "What action I determine to take," she said, "will be my responsibility. Mine alone. I do not intend to discuss it, or to attempt to justify it, to you or to anyone."

      "Good menpromoted from the ranks, and remember that they once carried a gun themselves."

      "The devil invented abatis, just after he invented hell, and as an improvement on it, and just before he invented secession," Shorty judged hotly. "When we git through them abatis there I'm goin' to kill everything I find, just to learn 'em to stop sich heathenish work. It's sneakin' murder, not war."



      "O, don't worry," said Shorty cheerfully.They found the house a blaze of light, shining kindly from the moment it came in sight, and there was a welcome in Towser's bark which touched Si's heart.