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      "What else can I do? Can I stay? You tell me I made[Pg 71] you miserable by what I said this afternoon. That means we must meet no more. I can't be sorry for my offence. I cannot answer for myself. My love has passed the point of sanity and self-control. I have no option. I must offend you, or I must leave you."It has been said that the arrest was made at the end of a fte she had been giving at which Robespierre himself was present, and which he had only just left, with professions of the sincerest friendship.

      [Pg 218]

      Almost as if drawn toward them, Esmeralda touched her horse, and it bounded forward, but Varley Howard seized the bridle and swung the animal round. As he did so, Taffy pressed forward and thrust a note into her hand. I forgot it, almost! he said.Mr. Helby was a middle-aged man, with a hard, honest face, and iron-gray hair. His father and his grandfather before him had been stewards of Belfayre, and he had inherited their integrity and faithful devotion to the family which they had served. Trafford, as he shook hands with him, saw that he had brought a bundle of papers and books with him, and as he sunk into a chair, he said:


      "It is of His love I want you to think. Of His immeasurable love and pity. Of His Son's Divine compassion. If you have any special need of His pardon; if there is any sinful secret locked in your heart; do not let the golden hours go bythe time meet for repentance."


      Good-looking! exclaimed Lady Wyndover, with a little laugh. Why, my dear Mr. Pinchook, she is simply superb! I am surprised and delighted. She laughed languidly. Why, you must be quite sorry to lose so charming a traveling companion?


      "How frightened you would have been yesterday evening had you known who was on board the boat," she said.