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      Chapter 19The dawn broke over Boarzell like a reconciliation. The clamouring voices of wind and trees were still, and only a low sobbing came now and then from the woods. In the sky pale streamers of rose barred and striped a spreading violet. One or two clouds flew low, and slowly pilled themselves, scattering into the fields. On every blade of grass and twig of thorn, on every leaf and spine, glimmered pearls of rain, washing the air with a faint scent of stagnant water, perfuming it with the steams of sodden grass.

      Again the monk looked stern, and strove to loosen her hold, but she held with too firm a grasp to be shaken off, and the trembling diffidence of her speech changed into the eager and fervent supplication of one who would not be denied.

      "He has," quickly replied Isabella, unable to divine the cause of such singular enquiries."I was thinking."

      Mr Keeling ceased to address the larch-trees that were the sponsors of his houses name, and turned round.



      "Thank heaven I saved them rootses!" he muttered as he walked.