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      The only trouble about this-here instruction is that Im scared youre going to make a better pilot than your teacher."Yes?" said Landor. The inflection was not pleasing. It caused Brewster to answer somewhat weakly, "Yes."


      Almost as his hand touched the cable and twitched at it, his other hand, as he lay with his weight on his chin, face and chest, contacted something elsea large, roundish object, feeling like a spare landing wheel tire.

      That-there is good sense. Jeff started toward the flying field. The fellow we didnt find might come back for the emeralds.

      [Pg 197]



      The new Ministry were now to find that it was very difficult to perpetuate principles and measures which they had for a quarter of a century been condemning simply because they furnished weapons of annoyance to the party then in power. The public, still smarting under the ruinous mismanagement of the war, returned to the charge, by demanding an inquiry into the conduct of Walpole, whom they accused of their sufferings. These petitions were introduced and recommended by what were called the Boy PatriotsPitt, Lyttelton, and the rest.