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      It will come, all in good time, said Trafford. Youll make your fortune yet. But we shant let you go back to look for it yet awhile; youll have to stay quiet.

      Trafford glanced at Esmeralda gravely; but, quite innocently, she said:

      You mean, said Esmeralda, with perfect simplicity, that you are all so great and noble that it doesnt matter how common the person is you marry?

      The new comer took off his hat, and bowed low. "No, I am not Bergan; I am Hubert," he said, but with no friendliness of tone or manner. "And you, I suppose, are my uncle Godfrey. I am come to look for my brother. What have you done with him among you? Where can I find that villanous Doctor Remy, who, four days ago, made one attempt on his life (or on mine, mistaking me for him), and has now probably"If you like, she said, resignedly.

      "I don't think she could know it better after another half century. I know I could never love her more than I do now. I know I shall never love her less."

      Lord Selvaine, as he watched him covertly, saw the handsome face grow pale, and the hand that held the wine-glass close so tightly that the slender stem snapped in two.


      "I shall do whatever may be best for herhome or otherwise," answered Disney. "You may be sure of that."


      "Then for your sake, Allegra, I'm glad we said yes. Only I couldn't stand that fellow patronizing you. Calling you a fine girl, forsooth!"