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      "Why is it unjust?""Nothing in it! You'd already got your hooks into me."

      Anticipating something unpleasant, he dropped into a chair grumbling.

      Thus far the summary of facts which heads all newspaper stories. Several columns of comment and hypothesis followed:

      "Where was I?" asked Pendleton.

      Si looked at his letters and saw that one of them was addressed in a pretty hand. He had never received a letter from Annabel before, but he "felt it in his bones" that this one was from her. He glanced around to be certain nobody was looking at him, and gently broke the seal, while a ruddy glow overspread his beardless cheeks. But he was secure from observation, as everybody else was similarly intent.


      Thus the frontier was left unguarded; and soon, as Dinwiddie had foreseen, there burst upon it a storm of blood and fire.



      "Mink or weasel," said Pen.The little judge seemed to have been brought to a complete stand. He stared ahead of him muttering: "Ernest Riever! ... Good God! ... What a sensation will be caused...!"