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      Pen's heart said: "This is the end!" But her face only showed a polite and wistful blank. She said quietly:

      "This afternoon we were like pals.... What have I done to offend you?"

      Pen locked her door, and paced up and down her room, raging. Her weariness was forgotten. Trapped! trapped! trapped! she felt with every footfall. To be sure the flat roof of the porch ran around outside her windows. It would be no great matter to slide down one of the porch posts to the ground. But they were certainly watching her windows from the outside, counting on being able to humiliate her no doubt.

      V2 France, where he thought himself safe. But though the Intendant had long been an object of distrust, and had often been warned to mend his ways, [567] yet such was his energy, his executive power, and his fertility of resource, that in the crisis of the war it was hard to dispense with him. Neither his abilities, however, nor his strong connections in France, nor an ally whom he had secured in the bureau of the Colonial Minister himself, could avail him much longer; and the letters from Versailles became appalling in rebuke and menace.

      Pen's breast contracted sharply. She bitterly blamed herself. Why had she not foreseen that this was what he would say. She couldn't answer.He said: "I read somewhere, years ago, what a lovely and little known country there was on the western shore of Chesapeake Bay ... I keep a canoe and a little tent handy in a club-house in New York. Whenever the world is too much with me I just paddle off for a few days."

      Pen was patient, for her. "But think how seldom I get to town. I couldn't take an hour or two off for lunch."


      Expedition against Crown Point ? William Johnson ? Vaudreuil ? Dieskau ? Johnson and the Indians ? The Provincial Army ? Doubts and Delays ? March to Lake George ? Sunday in Camp ? Advance of Dieskau ? He changes Plan ? Marches against Johnson ? Ambush ? Rout of Provincials ? Battle of Lake George ? Rout of the French ? Rage of the Mohawks ? Peril of Dieskau ? Inaction of Johnson ? The Homeward March ? Laurels of Victory.


      "Son of Scott Riever the steel magnate. Scott Riever's one of the richest men in the country. Ernest is rich in his own right, too. He just fluffs around. Has a big place up in Westchester county where he raises peaches and so on. It's his hobby."V1 his escape. He told them that the French had the fullest information of the numbers and movements of the English; that letters often reached them from within the English lines; and that Lydius, a Dutch trader at Albany, was their principal correspondent. [459] Arriving at Ticonderoga, Rogers cautiously approached the fort, till, about noon, he saw a sentinel on the road leading thence to the woods. Followed by five of his men, he walked directly towards him. The man challenged, and Rogers answered in French. Perplexed for a moment, the soldier suffered him to approach; till, seeing his mistake, he called out in amazement, "Qui tes vous?" "Rogers," was the answer; and the sentinel was seized, led in hot haste to the boats, and carried to the English fort, where he gave important information.


      "Ellick and Theodo'!" said Pen with curling lip.