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      "In a matter like this," put in Gregg, "sense is at a premium. What we have to do is to consult our intuitions."CHAPTER FOUR

      "You are quite sure of my position?" he croaked.Hetty nodded. She perfectly understood. And Bruce had often told her that she was one of the best nurses he had ever met. There was nothing to do for the moment beyond watching over the patient to see that no change occurred.

      "Surely your ladyship knows Dr. Bruce!" Hetty said with a vivid splash of colour on either cheek "A little time ago I understood that Dr. Bruce----"

      Fred cared less for the models in green than he did for some dwarf trees that seemed to strike his fancy particularly. There were pines, oaks, and other trees familiar to our eyes, only an inch or two in height, but as perfectly formed as though they were of the natural size in which we see them in their native forests. Then there were bamboo, cactus, and a great many other plants that grow in Japan, but with which we are not familiar. There was such a quantity of them as to leave no doubt that the dwarfing of plants is thoroughly understood in Japan and has received much attention. Doctor Bronson told the boys that the profession of florist, like many other professions and trades, was hereditary, and that the knowledge descended from father to son. The dwarfing of plants, and their training into unnatural shapes and forms, have been practised for thousands of years, and the present state of the florist's art is the result of centuries of development.CHAPTER XV. LAWRENCE PROPHESIES AGAIN.

      Frank could not answer, and the question was propounded to Dr. Bronson; the latter shook his head, and then Fred responded, in triumph, "Because he is a slow pup." It was three seconds at least before Frank could see the point of the joke."Where did you think I came from?"

      "It sha'n't happen to-morrow night," laughed the General.

      I sank upon the steps; every pore in my body was a fountain of cold sweat: "Have whom?"The Clockwork man emitted a soft whistling sound from between his teeth, and rubbed his nose thoughtfully against the post.



      "She ain't awa-ay."


      Whereat Ccile replied, "Ah--well! we cou'n' like you the leaz bit any-'ow."